Burrata with marinated grilled aubergines - step-by-step instructions

It's quite remarkable how sometimes a very few flavours can interplay in quite a complex manner. All we do is grill aubergines, roast tomatoes and toss them in mint & chilli - and the result is quite a nice salad. But serve it alongside creamy, virginal (but sinfully rich) burrata and somehow the plain lactic foil elevates each of the tastes in the salad and make it pop.

I am not the world's biggest fan of burrata (I'm a buffalo boy) - but I am totally a groupie for this cheeky little dish. Try it!

You will need:

2 plates

Your pack serves 2 as a starter, or 1 as a main, and contains:

A fresh handmade burrata, tied with green twine, which is sadly not edible (trust me, I’ve tried)

A container of grilled aubergines, caramelised datterini tomatoes, and mint, all marinated in red wine vinegar and delicious Tuscan olive oil


  • Take the aubergine mix out of the fridge and let it come up to room temperature
  • Put your burrata on a plate
  • Put the aubergines next to it, and tuck in!


ALLERGENS: all packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. All packs of this dish contain dairy, alliums, and sulphites.