Calabrese sausages - step-by-step instructions

There is no pride so great as to be found in making your own sausages. I discovered this 12 years ago, inspired by my friend and mentor Bruce Aidells (the sausage king of California), when testing recipes for a little Italian restaurant I was planning to open.

They should be cooked through… but just cooked through – we use pure pork – there’s enough fat to keep them juicy, but no rusk, so overcooking is possible.

We make fat sausages (plain Tuscan, fennel seed, and spicy Calabrese), and a thinner, sweetly spiced luganega.

You will need:

A grill (grill pan or BBQ), or a frying pan

A little oil


Consider sausages thicker than your thumb to have 4 sides that need cooking. Thinner ones (which are often coiled) need cooking only on 2 sides.

Heat your grill or frying pan smoking hot.If grilling, oil the sausages; if frying, oil the pan

Cook until well browned on each side. The sausages can still be blushing pink in the centre if you like, but not very much so. A meat thermometer should register 70C at the thickest part.

ALLERGENS: all packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. All packs of sausages may contain traces of SO2 from the little wine we add.