A superb menu, these dishes regularly feature on the menu at Bocca di Lupo in Soho, and now too in your homes. Aubergines peak at this time of year, and the round, thin skinned Sicilian variety we use have spent months baking in the summer sun, preparing themselves for a parmigiana. Rounded out by a Torta Caprese- the classic dessert of Capri, rich with chocolate and almonds and perfumed with Sorrento lemon, it is a treat.


Radish, celeriac, pecorino salad
Melanzane alla parmigiana
Watermelon, red onion & oregano salad
Torta caprese & Limoncello cream


For your meal you will need:

A bowl for dressing the salads


The detailed recipes for the dishes are below, but in essence:


  • Remove all ingredients from the fridge at least half an hour before you plan to eat, to let them come to room temperature
  • Preheat your oven to 160C
  • Bake the parmigiana for 25 minutes
  • Meanwhile, dress, plate & eat the radish salad
  • Remove the parmigiana and let rest for a few minutes, while you assemble the salad
  • Eat the parmigiana, then the salad – or vice versa – or both together
  • Plate the caprese, and spoon the cream alongside, then eat this too




ALLERGENS: all packs are prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of ANY allergen. All packs of this dish contain dairy, gluten, alliums, eggs, celery, and nuts.




Radish, celeriac, pecorino & truffle salad


This salad is one of my proudest creations; crisp earthy radishes & celeriac, sharp pecorino and bittersweet pomegranate all brought together with a dressing composed of white truffle oil, fantastic olive oil, and rich white balsamic.


Your pack serves two and contains:


  • A mix of shaved radishes
  • A chunk each of celeriac and pecorino
  • Some pomegranate seeds
  • A few leaves of parsley
  • A bottle of truffle dressing



  • Drain the radishes of their liquid, pat dry and place in a bowl
  • Add the pomegranate seeds
  • Shave in the celeriac and pecorino with a peeler
  • Season with salt, and dress with the truffle dressing




Melanzane alla parmigiana

This dish is my mum’s favourite, and one of mine. The flavours are fresh and vibrant, but at the same time deep and complex. I cook it for much of the year, but it is undeniably at its best in late summer and early Autumn, as both the aubergines and tomatoes peak. It is a taste of the Campanian summer. If you have leftovers – which I very rarely do – it’s also excellent cold, or roughly chopped and tossed through pasta.


Your pack serves 2 and contains:

  • A fat wedge of parmigiana, assembled with love and care



  • Preheat your oven to 160C (fan) or 170C (static)
  • Take the parmigiana from the bag, and remove the lid
  • Bake for 25 minutes, until golden brown and bubbling



Watermelon, red onion & oregano salad


Watermelons are so often a sad disappointment – watery flesh lacking in flavour and succulence. I always steer clear of the small ones sold in shops – an ideal size for the home eater but lacking in complexity and depth. We buy Sicilian giants, the size of a not-so-small child – and cut these 16kg beasts into fat slabs, ready to send on to you. Here, it makes a superbly light, refreshing & delicious salad. Sweet watermelon beautifully married with savoury onions and the intoxicating perfume of fresh oregano.


Your pack makes a side for 2 and contains:


  • A wedge of watermelon
  • A little red onion
  • Fresh leaves of oregano



  • Slice the watermelon into thinnish strips, and lay on a plate
  • Finely slice the onion and scatter over
  • Dot with the leaves of fresh oregano, then season generously with salt, and judiciously with pepper
  • Douse with fine oil
  • Enjoy!



Torta Caprese & LIMONCELLO cream

Order a Caprese in an Italian restaurant, and you will get one of two things – a tomato & mozzarella salad, or a nut torte. In Capri, they make two versions of this delightful cake. One is golden yellow, flavoured with lemon, the other black with chocolate. One day, trying to have the best of both worlds, I made a torta Caprese in two layers, light and dark. The lemon and chocolate cakes, united by the almonds they have in common, eat beautifully together.



Your pack makes a dessert for 2 and contains:


2 slices of torta caprese





  • Unwrap the slices of caprese and place on a plate
  • Spoon the cream alongside
  • Scoff!