Cannoli Siciliani - step-by-step instructions

Sicily is a land of generosity and abundance and exoticism – and nowhere is this more apparent than in its desserts and ices. Cannoli might just be the most famous of Sicilian desserts, and illustrate deliciously the marriage of Europe with the Levant. Or perhaps just the Levant – with pistachios, candied fruit and sweetened cheese Cannoli are a bit like a hybrid of kunefe and baklava – sweetmeats for the Sicilian table.

They consist of fried tubular biscuits, filled with sweetened ricotta, candied peel. Chocolate and pistachios. They can be very, very delicious – or sickly sweet, or soggy. To avoid these pitfalls we make our ricotta cream with a little less sugar than some others do, and leave the actual filling to the moment of serving.

Your pack makes 4 cannoli, and contains:

4 freshly fried cannoli tubes

Enough sweetened ricotta (studded with dark chocolate and candied orange peel) to fill them

Finely chopped Bronte pistachios


You can fill these before you start cooking your meal – they keep fine for a few hours – or the moment before serving. Or you can do as we do in Bocca – decant the ricotta into a small bowl, and DIY the filling at the table.

  • Hold a cannolo tube ever-so-gently
  • Fill it from either end with the creamed ricotta, using a teaspoon
  • Use the spoon to scrape the filling level to the slanted open ends of the cannolo
  • Dip both ends in the pistachio, to render them a perfect green

ENJOY! This is a delight. I like to serve them with mint tea, or with a fine Marsala.

ALLERGENS: all packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. All packs of this dish contain nuts, milk and gluten