Pork bombette - step-by-step instructions

There is a way of cooking in the hills of Puglia, which is I believe unique, and something like tandoor slow cooking. You will stumble upon what looks like a butcher’s shop, twinned with a cheap, busy and loud restaurant with a wood oven in the back. In the butchery you buy sausages, skewers of meats (including the signature bombette), and whole chops, escalopes and tranches of offal dusted in breadcrumbs.

Then you sit down at a table, quaff something delicious, dirt cheap and red, and wait. The butcher passes the skewers to a chef manning the wood oven, who stands them up inside the wood oven, leaning against the side wall not too far from the embers. There they slowly roast, the crumbs absorbing the juices from the meats and crisping under the radiant heat from the coals.

By the time the meat – which is spectacular – arrives – you have the hunger of an army and the fortitude of Bacchus himself. It is remarkable how much you can eat – particularly of the bombette, which are punchy little roulades. Escalopes of pork are beaten and dusted with plain or spicy breadcrumbs (ours are spicy), possibly laid with slices of pancetta, filled with caciocavallo (piquant cheese) and parsley, rolled and skewered.

The name means ‘little bombs’ – and these are indeed explosions of juiciness, meatiness, and flavour. You can approximate the wood oven using a moderate BBQ, preferably charcoal

Your pack contains 2 skewers of bombette

You will need:

A BBQ (moderate heat)

Some olive oil


Lightly oil the bombette, then grill them over a moderate heat until well browned and crispy on the outside. Take care, as the breadcrumbs can burn if the fire is too hot, and they must get hot enough inside to melt the cheese

ALLERGENS: all packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. All packs of this dish contain dairy and gluten