Rum babà - step-by-step instructions

Where to get the best French dessert? Naples, obvs! The French have left Naples a splendid culinary legacy, of which the best bit to my mind is the babà. The Neapolitans make it a great deal better than the French ever did. It is a lighter, springier affair, like a natural bath sponge made of the finest yeast dough.

I make mine even lighter than most Neapolitans, and rather than soak it in rum syrup, soak it in a delicate – and not oversweet – citrus syrup. But – I hear you cry – where’s the rum? Well it might be absent from the syrup, but mine is boozier than most – I pour a whole glass of rum over individual babà, just before serving (only for larger ones, where it takes time for the liquid to penetrate, do I bathe them a long time in the booze). I serve it always with whipped cream, and seasonal fruit – pineapple, with its bright, fresh crunch, a favourite.

Your pack makes 1 babà, and contains:

1 babà, soaked is citrus syrup

1 small container of dark rum

1 small conainer of lightly sweetened whipped cream

Some chunked, fresh pineapple


The babà is best assembled just before you present it. For the best eating experience: pour the rum over it before filling with the cream. For the best tableside experience, assemble the babà without any rum, and pour the rum over it at the table (even flaming, if you’re swish)

  • Transfer the babà to a plate, drizzle it with a little of the syrup from the container, and cut along it lengthways, just about 2/3 the way through
  • For substance over style: pour the rum over the babà, especially the cut surfaces so it penetrates well
  • Open the slit in the babà a little, and fill with whipped cream
  • Serve the pineapple wither on the side, or studded in the cream
  • Bring it to the table
  • For style over substance: pour the rum over it now, perhaps even flaming if you want to show off (but in doing so, lose some booze to the flames)

ENJOY! This is a monstrously wonderful dessert, and it needs no wine. But it won’t argue with a joyous Moscato d’Asti (who would?)

 ALLERGENS: all packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. All packs of this dish contain milk and gluten