Spinach & ricotta Malfatti - step-by-step instructions

Malfatti – aka gnudi – are basically ricotta dumplings, these ones with chopped spinach, and a little nutmeg. They are gloriously comforting – the bland, homely side of Italian cooking that becomes more and more inviting, and prevalent, the further north you are in the country.

They are a breeze to make – but we’ve made them for you – all that you need do is warm them, and prepare the simplest of sauces (perhaps the very best): butter and sage

You will need:

A pot to boil pasta in, a colander and a smallish frying pan

Your pack serves 2 as a main, and contains:

Sheep’s milk ricotta & spinach gnudi (these contain also parmesan, a cow’s milk cheese)

A tub of butter and sage leaves

A little tub of parmesan


Have ready a medium pot of boiling, well-salted (10g/litre) water

  • Put the malfatti on to simmer – they are already cooked, and need only warm through: about 5 minutes
  • Heat the butter and sage in the frying pan, until the butter just foams. You can cook it longer, until the sage goes crispy, but I prefer the bright, greener flavour of wilted sage, to that which has been properly fried
  • I never know if I prefer this sauce emulsified (i.e. with water added) or not (i.e. just melted sagey butter). To emulsify it, add a decent ladle of pasta water to the butter and boil vigorously, shaking the pan, until the texture of single cream
  • When the malfatti are warm drain them, and toss into the butter and sage
  • Serve with the grated parmesan on top

ENJOY! This is a delicate dish – best served with the finest of red wines (pinot nero, schioppettino or a delicate Barbaresco – or if you prefer, a complex and perhaps slightly nutty white.

ALLERGENS: all packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. All packs of this dish contain dairy and gluten