Vitello tonnato - step-by-step instructions

Vitello tonnato – veal with tuna-mayonnaise sauce – is such a gloriously passé concept it has never ceased to be cool. The hostess trolley of Italy. Traditionally, boiled veal is served slathered in sauce. I like to lighten it a little, so use rare roast veal, thinly sliced, and serve it atop a slightly velouté version of the dressing. The whole lot I garnish with crudités, to pep each mouthful with a vibrant flavour and contrasting texture – morsels of caper, celery, parsley, radishes and broad beans in spring.

You will need:

2 plates

Your pack serves 2 as an antipasto (or 1 as a main), and contains:

1.Salsa tonnata -this is a fresh mayonnaise, made with tuna, anchovy, capers and oregano. The eggs are British Lion – so safe to eat raw.

2. 2 roses of veal. We have salt-cured the meat, roasted it rare, sliced it thinly and formed it into roses for you

2. mixed garnishes of caper, celery, parsley, radishes and broad beans. The broad beans have been just cooked in boiling water. The larger ones we also shell, the smaller ones we leave in the skin, as it is palatable when young.


  • Pack 1: Spoon the salsa tonnata into the centre of 2 small flat plates. Use the back of the spoon to spread it into a beautiful disc.
  • Pack 2: Carefully transfer the roses of veal to the centres of the plates
  • Pack 3: dot the veal and the sauce with the capers, celery, parsley, radishes and broad beans. I like to tuck a few between the folds of the meat, and lay a few on the sauce. A little goes a long way

ENJOY! This is a delicate fish, suited best to a nutty or complex white wine, or a bright and mineral  or light-but-complex red – ruche, schiopppetino, barbaresco, barolo, etc.

ALLERGENS: all packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. All packs of this dish contain fish, egg and broad beans.