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Region: Puglia

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Easy to cook (BBQ)

Takes 15 minutes (ish)

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Bombette means ‘little bombs’ – and these are indeed explosions of juiciness, meatiness, and flavour.

A speciality from Puglia, Bombette are little parcels of finely sliced and beaten pork (we use British, loin from the juiciest part near the neck), dusted in breadcrumbs (themselves sometimes red with paprika and hot with chilli - like ours). This is rolled around caciocavallo cheese and parsley and skewered for cooking in a ferociously hot wood oven, or over moderate coals on the BBQ.

This is not refined food, or for the faint-hearted - but gooey, meaty, spicy, cheesy, goodness.