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Region: Anywhere by the sea

Serves 2, but add a side or 2

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Moderately easy to cook 

Takes 8 minutes (BBQ)

Click here for recipe

My grandfather, John Becker, wrote a poem, ‘How to Make a Fish’. The best way to cook a fish is as simple and as beautiful as his words – just grill it. Which is not to say that to grill fish simply is a simple feat – you need an understanding of fire, temperature, timing and the fish at hand. I have provided some notes to help you along the way – and one really, really fresh gilthead bream (orata).

Take some paper from a drawer,

Just one piece, not any more,

To make a fish.

                               Put the paper on a dish.

                               Make a wish.

                               Cut out the fish.

                                                          Colour in its yellow gills

                                                          Cover it with polka pills

                                                          Cook the fish.

                                                                                        Serve it on a serving dish

                                                                                        It’s delish.

                                                                                        Eat the fish.

ENJOY! This is the stuff of life – simple food as our earliest ancestors enjoyed it. Enjoy yours MORE by pairing with a simple wine – pinot grigio, falanghina, or greco di tufo.