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Order a Caprese in an Italian restaurant and you will get one of two things – a tomato and mozzarella salad, or a nut torte. On Capri, they make two versions of this delightful cake. One is golden yellow, flavoured with lemon, the other black with chocolate. Important decisions I can make easily (open a restaurant? buy a house? fall in love?), but the most trivial I find perplexing. Faced with a choice between lemon and chocolate, I crumble.

One day, trying to have the best of both worlds, I made a torta Caprese in two layers, dark and light. The lemon and chocolate cakes, united by the almond they have in common, eat beautifully together. Making two in one is double the effort, and you may be as happy if you double the quantities of one mix below, and omit the other.

Your pack will contain 2 pieces of torta Caprese and some Limoncello whipped cream.