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(serves 2)
Burrata, cicoria, dried broad bean puree & chilli
Baked peppers with datterini tomato & basil
Focaccia barese
Ricotta, orange & honey cake with baked apricots



The rich plains of Puglia have earnt it the moniker of ‘the bread basket of Italy.’ Here vast fields of durum wheat shiver in the hot wind, ready to be ground into coarse yellow semola & swathes of olive trees grow plump under the weight of fattened fruit, as far as the eye can see. Puglia is a flat land, a contrast to most of the rest of Italy, and though it is a poor region, the people are proud, characterful and generous. I have spent many wonderful nights sampling the region’s riches – from the robust grilled meats of Itria and Bari, to the delicate raw seafood of Taranto. The dishes below come from the soil; earthy and intensely flavoured, vegetables & fruits that have been bathed in sun from the moment of their sowing to their harvest. They taste of the land, and the land is good.


For your meal you will need: 

  • An oven tray for the peppers
  • A second one for the focaccia 

The detailed recipes for the dishes are coming soon, but in essence: 

  • Preheat your oven to 180C (fan), or 200C (static)
  • Allow all ingredients to come to room temperature
  • Plate and scoff the burrata
  • Bake both the peppers and the focaccia – these will both take 6-8 minutes, so pop them in the oven at the same time, and remove them also at the same time
  • Pop the cake onto plates, nestle the apricots alongside, and enjoy