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(serve 2)
Farinata Farinata (chickpea pancake) with runner beans, anchovy, lemon & pine nuts 
Turbot with tomato, olives & pine nuts
Olive oil mash
Merinda tomatoes, olive oil & basil
Camogliesi al rhum (Choco-coated choux buns stuffed with rummy chocolate ganache)


Liguria is an emerald gem of a region – what one of my good friends would describe as one of ‘God’s thumbprints’ on the earth. I have long enjoyed staying a few nights at the harbour town of Camogli, partly in order to hike the promontory in the morning. There I would stop at midday at the Abbey of San Fruttuoso – completely isolated save for a coastal path, secluded beach and sea access – to lie a while on the sand, and then take lunch at Ristorante Giorgio, seated over the waves. After lunch I’d complete the hike to Portofino, ogle the vulgarity of wealth and sip an overpriced diet coke, then take a boat back to Camogli for supper. Here, I give you a feast of Liguria’s springtime bounty – farinata with verdant runner beans, turbot baked with sweet tomatoes and Genovese basil, and camogliesi, fat little choux buns stuffed with chocolate. 

For your meal you will need: 

  • A frying pan or small oven tray for the farinata
  • An oven tray for the turbot
  • A saucepan for warming the mash
  • A wooden spoon and a palette knife

The detailed recipes for the dishes are here, but in essence:

  • Let all the ingredients come up to room temperature
  • Heat your oven to 220C (fan) or 230C (static)
  • Cook the farinata and dress the salad, then eat
  • Bake the turbot, surrounded by the tomatoes & olives
  • Warm the mash in a pan
  • Chop the tomatoes, and dress them
  • Eat the turbot, mash & salad, then the pud