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Octopus are such amazing animals – beautiful, intelligent, otherworldly – one does well to examine one’s conscience before eating them. In my case, I am tempted by their delicious flesh but do feel guilty about it.

Your pack contains:

  • ¼ large octopus, boiled until just tender
  • Some fine olive oil
  • A little gremolata (a mix of finely chopped parsley, garlic & lemon zest)
  • A small Sorrento lemon


  • Brush or rub the octopus with oil on all sides
  • Lay it flat on the grill. It will take a good 5-8 minutes to get well browned, which is the point
  • Turn it over, and repeat the other side
  • Remove to a serving dish, scatter with gremolata and douse with oil, and serve the lemon alongside