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Originally a way to use leftover bread, Panzanella is now a nationwide staple in Italy – at its most simple just softened bread and ripe tomatoes, or more complex with capers, onions, garlic, wine vinegar, basil and oil. In the spring, before tomatoes are fully ripe, we make a version that celebrates the wonderful produce of this time of year – young peas, broad beans, asparagus & tropea onions – and it is superlative.

Your pack makes one large salad and contains:

  • Sliced bread & a clove of garlic
  • Broad bean puree
  • Some rocket & mint
  • Some blanched peas & broad beans
  • Some asparagus & tropea onions
  • A dressing of wine vinegar and fine olive oil


  • Heat your barbecue until the flames have died and the hottest white embers remain – or alternatively, heat a griddle pan until smoking.
  • Grill the tropea onions and asparagus until charred on both sides (5-6 minutes total), then reserve
  • Grill the bread until charred & crisp, then rub with the garlic and tear into large chunks
  • Spoon the broad bean puree onto a large platter, and spread out into a thin disk using the back of a spoon
  • In a large bowl, mix together the grilled bread, grilled asparagus & tropea onions, the peas and broad beans, and the rocket & mint
  • Shake the dressing to mix, then pour over and dress the salad well
  • Pile this into a delicate tower atop the broad bean puree