How do I order?

The voucher entitles the recipient to one meat, fish or vegetarian feast for 2 with its own matching wine, each month, for three months. Please email us at with your desired option and delivery date and we will place the order for you.

Our menus are available online each month.

When do you deliver? - We deliver Monday to Saturday in Inner London, and Tuesday and Friday for the rest of the UK. 

How many does each meal serve? - Each feast is a 3 course meal for 2.

I'd like to add something to my order. - Just let us know if there's something you'd like to add to be delivered with your Casa Nostra order (something from the deli, some wine, another feast?), and we will will add it and send a link for you to pay.

I have allergies. Can you help? - Yes, we can provide information about the allergens in our feasts. Unfortunately, we are unable to adapt dishes or menus. 

Do you have a vegan option? - Yes, please just mail us and we will provide details of our vegan menu.

Which wine will I receive? - Each CASA NOSTRA CLUB feast comes with a bottle of wine chosen by our sommelier. 

I want to cancel or change the date of one of my feasts. - If you need to cancel your feast you must let us know 3 working days prior to your delivery date (excludes Saturday & Sunday). 

There is something else I need to know. - Please feel free to email us at or use our online chat and we will get back to you. If you would like us to call you, just let us know and will give you a bell.