Who made my food? - your food was made by Harry and his team of chefs, working under Jacob Kenedy 
Was all the food made in Italy? - no, your food was prepared in the kitchen of Bocca Di Lupo, Soho (London). The ingredients used were produce from regional markets in Italy, or best of British.
Who chose the wine? - your wines are from a carefully curated wine list, which is managed by Jacob Kenedy and sommeliers Phill Morgan and Michael Perucci
What is your return policy? - we cannot accept returns of food. Please email info@boccadilupo.com if you have any problem - especially if a wine is corked (we can accept returns of corked wine for refund or exchange).
Where's my stuff? - you should receive a tracking link from our courier on the day of dispatch. If you don't, or if you have another problem please email info@boccadilupo.com or call us on +44-20-7734-2223 (lines manned Monday to Saturday 10-4)
Why didn't the recipe work? - we are very very small and learning what we do. Every recipe is tested and written by Jacob Kenedy - if it didn't work either he made a mistake writing the recipe, or you did in following it. In any event contact us if this happens and we'll endeavour to make it right.
How do I store my food? - store it in its original packaging. Dried pasta can be stored at room temperature, everything else should be kept in the fridge until you are ready to use it.
How long can I store my food? - all recipes are dispatched with a minimum 2 day's shelf-life remaining - use it within 2 days, and until you cook it, keep it at the appropriate temperature (see above). 
How long can I store my wine? - all our wines are dispatched mature enough to drink (and be delicious). Some whites and some reds also have ageing potential - email info@boccadilupo.com if you would like to ask about buying wines to lay down.
How come is the food and wine so good? - we source and cook with a great deal of love and passion. We don't always get it right - but we really really enjoy ourselves when we do.