trofie al pesto
(serves 2 as a main course)

Your pack serves two and contains:

  • Fresh trofie
  • Pesto Genovese
  • Green beans
  • Sliced new potatoes
  • A little grated parmesan


  • Bring a large pan of well-salted (10g/lt) water to the boil
  • Put the trofie into the boiling water. They will take about 10 minutes to cook
  • After the trofie have been cooking for 3-4 minutes, add the potatoes and green beans. Most likely, the potato will take the longest to cook if anything does– but as you near the end of the cooking time start tasting all three components and make sure none are raw
  • At some point in the process, decant the pesto into a bowl and set it above the pasta water for just a moment – not to warm the pesto, but to gently soften it
  • When ready, drain the trofie, potatoes and beans, reserving a little of the water. Add them to the pesto bowl and stir to mix, tasting for seasoning and adding just enough of the pasta water to moisten the dish and emulsify the sauce
  • Serve with a little grated parmesan on top



    The Negroni has recently resumed its rightful throne, as King of the cocktails. Our night negroni is the classic – red vermouth, a bitter, and gin in equal parts – we call it a night negroni because we cant imagine it for breakfast. We have already stirred it over ice for you – all you need to do is chill it, pour on the rocks, and enjoy

    For 2:
    1. Pre-chill the bottle of Night Negroni thoroughly
    2. Pour the chilled Night Negroni over copious ice cubes in a tumbler
    3. Garnish with a slice of orange

    For the Night Negroni Kit, we'll send over a bottle (70cl) of gin, and a litre each of bitters and vermouth. You will have more bitters and vermouth than you need. This will necessitate the purchase of more gin, of course. But then you will have leftover gin, and need to buy more bitters and vermouth. What a palaver!

    You don't need any fancy cocktail kit to make this, just a spoon. Mix 25ml of each with ice and stir until the volume has doubled. Top up with more ice and garnish with a slice of orange. What could be simpler. The kit will make 28 Negroni.

    DAY NEGRONI FOR 2 (serves 2)

    Our Day Negroni is a white twist on the Negroni – identifiably a negroni, but also the opposite: light, bright, and approachable. They are Night and Day (you are the one…)

    1. Pre-chill the bottle of Day Negroni thoroughly
    2. Pour the chilled Day Negroni over copious ice cubes in a tumbler
    3. Garnish with a slice of lemon
    SAKURA NEGRONI (serves 2)

    Mancini make an incredible Sakura vermouth – a limited edition originally produced for Tokyo’s Mandarin Oriental. It is abundantly floral, built around sweet violets and cherry blossom. Here we have built a pink! Negroni around it, playing counterpoint to the flowers with the herbal flavours of gin and genepi.

    1. Pre-chill the bottle of Sakura Negroni thoroughly
    2. Pour the chilled Sakura Negroni over copious ice cubes in a tumbler
    3. Garnish with a slice of lemon


    DACAPIRAC (serves 2)

    Our take on a Sazerac, this is Bulleit Rye blended with Amaro Del Capo, a Calabrese amaro whose delicious blend of botanicals echoes the bitters in a Sazerac, and liquorice that plays the role of Absinthe. We have already stirred this over ice, so all you need to do is pre-chill it, and serve it either in a rocks or martini glass neat (ideally, pre-chill the glass), or on the rocks, in either case with a twist of lemon.

    1. Pre-chill the bottle of Dacapirac thoroughly
    2. If serving neat, pre-chill 2 tumblers or martini glasses
    3. Pour the chilled Dacapirac into the pre-chilled glasses, or over ice cubes in a tumbler if you prefer
    4. Garnish with a twist of lemon – for this cocktail it is best to cut a broad, thickish sheet of lemon zest (with a potato peeler or sharp paring knife), and squeeze it generously over the cocktail to release the oils from the skin.
    GRAPPARITA (serves 2)

    There is a wonderful harmony between aromatic grappa and fine tequila. Here we have made a mock-margarita using a fine Muscat grape grappa, Ocho Blanco tequila, and lemon (fresh juice, and limoncello). You can salt the rim, or not, as you prefer. We serve this on the rocks – but if you prefer your margarita up you can serve it in chilled martini glasses.

    1. Thoroughly pre-chill the bottle of Grapparita (in fact, because it is made with fresh lemon keep it chilled from receipt until consumption, and drink it within 5 days)
    2. If serving neat, pre-chill 2 martini glasses (we prefer it on the rocks)
    3. If you want a salty rim on your chilled martini glasses, or on tumblers, rub half the rim gently with the cut surface of a lemon and coat it in just a little salt.
    4. Pour the chilled Grapparita into the pre-chilled glasses, or over ice cubes in a tumbler
    5. Garnish with a slice of lemon
    ESPRESSO MARTINI (serves 2)

    Golly this is delicious! – We have always rounded out our espresso martini with a little Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur), and make it with artisanal Colombian coffee beans. You will need a blender.

    1. Thoroughly pre-chill 2 martini glasses, and the bottle of espresso martini
    2. Put the chilled espresso martini in a blender along with 50g deep-frozen ice cubes
    3. Blend for a full 2 minutes, until very creamy-frothy, and all the ice is long gone
    4. Pour into the chilled martini glasses, and leave it a minute to settle, as Guinness would
    APEROL SPRITZ KIT (serves 6)

    Aperol spritz just shouts summer, and good times. We’ve given you enough for about 5 drinks, but you could make 3 really large glasses, or 6 only marginally restrained ones. In any event, you will need a lot of ice 

    1. Take 6 tall glasses or normal wine glasses, or 3 very large balloon-type wine glasses, or something inbetween
    2. Fill each glass to the brim – or slightly above – with ice
    3. Divide the aperol evenly between the glasses
    4. Divide the prosecco evenly between the glasses
    5. Give it a gentle stir
    6. Slice the orange, and tuck a slice down between the side of each glass and the ice
    7. Divide the soda water evenly between the glasses, to top them with a little extra sparkle
    8. Give one more ever-so-gentle stir, just so the first sip isn’t all soda water
      BELLINI KIT (serves 6)

      The bellini is one of those rare drinks, always appropriate, and always loved. Timeless, elegant, joyful, and amost childishly scrummy: Harry’s Bar’s gift, from Venice to the world. 

      To make it properly properly it should be stirred over ice, but you can just as easily (and nearly as well) build it in the glass. The glass itself ought, properly, to be a stemless champage flute – or tall, thin-walled, vaguely barrel-shaped but small glass. If you don’t have such a thing, make it in tumblers or champagne flutes as you prefer. This makes 4 to 6.

      IF YOU’RE AT HOME: make the drink by stirring over ice 

      1. Thoroughly pre-chill the bellini mix and the prosecco (in fact, as the bellini mix is fresh peach, you must keep it in the fridge from receipt, and use within 5 days)
      2. Pre-chill your glasses
      3. Find a suitable jug, and half fill it with ice
      4. Pour one part of peach Bellini mix and two parts prosecco (if making the lot, use all the peach Bellini mix and about half the prosecco now) into the jug, and stir well for a good 2-3 minutes
      5. Strain it into the glasses
      6. Top with a further 1.5 parts prosecco (i.e. the remainder of the bottle, if you’re making the lot)
      7. Swirl the glasses slightly, until they are pink to the top

       IF YOU’RE IN THE OPEN AIR: build the drink in the glass

      1. Thoroughly pre-chill the Bellini mix and the prosecco (in fact, as the bellini mix is fresh peach, you must keep it in the fridge from receipt, and use within 5 days)
      2. Pre-chill your glasses
      3. Divide the peach Bellini mix between the glasses
      4. Pour a little bit (an equal part) of prosecco into each glass, swirl to mix
      5. Add the same amount again of prosecco, swirl to mix
      6. Top to the desired peachiness with more prosecco

      The Iconic Non-Alcoholic Italian Aperitivo

      Have you ever tried Crodino? It’s the non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo with a multilayered taste that will surprise you, it’s a sip of Italian lifestyle since the ‘60s, a glimpse of a mediterranean late afternoon. Crodino is created with the infusion of spices, woods, roots and top quality herbs, resulting in a complex, interesting taste. Rich, in a word.




      Region: VENETO
      Grape: GLERA
      Vintage: NV
      Main characteristics: DRY, ORCHARD FRUITS

      Dry and surprisingly textured for Prosecco, this is a cut above. Persistently fizzy with classic pear notes and just a hint of bread. Can be mixed for a Bellini or Spritz of course, but we prefer to let it shine unescorted.




      Region: LOMBARDY

      Grape: PINOT NOIR

      Vintage: NV

      Main characteristic: DRY WITH STRAWBERRY HINTS

      Pale copper rosé Franciacorta, made  just like Champagne. This gives the French a run for their money. Delicate and dry, perfect with Parma ham.


      Region: EMILIA ROMAGNA


      Grape: LAMBRUSCO 

      Vintage: NV

      Main characteristic: FRUITY, EARTHY & FUN

      Joyful fizz with a lovely earthly depth. Blackcurrants and roses; enjoy with salami and hard cheese. Not to be taken at all seriously!




      Region: ABRUZZO 

      Style: DRY WHITE

      Grape: TREBBIANO

      Vintage: 2019

      Main characteristic: SAVOURY & GREEN


      Selected vineyards are hand picked to make this deliciously savoury drop from the rolling hills of Abruzzo. Green and mineral, this would be smashing with asparagus, fennel, and green salads. Cracking value too!

      Region: MARCHE

      Grape: VERDICCHIO

      Vintage: 2020

      Main characteristics: DRY, CLEAN & MINERAL

      Fresh, zingy, mineral Verdicchio. Green apple and a touch of elderflower on the nose, this is a seriously good dry as a bone white from a master.


      Region: FRIULI

      Style: DRY WHITE

      Grape: PINOT GRIGIO

      Vintage: 2019

      Main characteristic: FRESH AND PEACHY

      A great summer wine, full of zest and zing. This is a Pinot Grigio to give the grape a good name! Lime and blossom on the nose, mingling with white peach and apricots. Just the right side side of mouthwatering to make this the perfect partner to all things green. Or a partner to another glass of the same...


      Region: CAMPANIA

      Style: DRY WHITE

      Grape: GRECO

      Vintage: 2019

      Main characteristic: MOUTH-WATERING & ORCHARD FRUITS

      Down to the land of volcanoes, tomatoes and mozzarella for this smashing Greco di Tufo. Pale yellow, with an intense nose of bitter almonds and briused apple, this zips along to a mineral finish.

      Perfect with burrata, mozzarella di bufala, or our grilled panzanella, this is in danger of becoming a wine to chill by the case!



      Style: DRY WHITE


      Vintage: 2018

      A stunning Sauvignon from the far northern mountains of Italy. Bursting with gooseberry and verdant freshness, but with enough weight and rock-licking minerality to help it along nicely. Intense and mouth-watering, this is very much a food wine, crying out for seafood or fresh cheeses. 


      Region: SICILY

      Style: COMPLEX WHITE

      Grape: CARRICANTE

      Vintage: 2017

      Main characteristic: MINERAL & SAPID

      A powerful, complex wine with a fine mineral backbone. The nose is rather heady, with preserved lemon and mountain herbs, leading to depth on the palate and a deliciously marine finish. A beautiful wine which we have the pleasure of returning to every year.



      Region: PUGLIA
      Style: PALE ROSE
      Grape: NEGROAMARO
      Vintage: 2019
      Main characteristic: FRESH & FRUITY

      Tormaresca, the famed Antinori's Puglian outpost puts this wine together rather excellently every year. The locals drink it by the bucketload, and it really suits Puglia. Strawberry nose, a tingle of acidity, and a pleasingly dry finish makes for a savoury, versatile pink which loves seafood and spice. 




      Region: PUGLIA

      Grape: PRIMITIVO

      Vintage: 2020

      Main characteristics: JUICY, DARK & DELICIOUS

      A veluptuous, tasty Primitivo; deep and full of plum and black cherry. The Puglian sun gives us ripe sweet fruit and makes this seriously gluggable!


      Region: VENETO



      Vintage: 2019

      Main characteristic: BRIGHT & JUICY

      Refreshing & vibrant, this is a really lovely example of it's type, with life bursting out of the glass. More foody than some, with a touch of maraschino cherries and herbs. 


      Region: SICILY

      Style: SOFT RED


      Vintage: 2015

      Main characteristic: DEEP & SUPPLE

      A deep, characterful red from FARO, in the extreme north east of Sicily, overlooking the Messina Strait. Winds whip around this headland where the Mistral & Scirocco meet, hence the name, TERRA DI VENTO, land of wind. The vines here are sturdy, as are the wines. Deep and rich, but soft and juicy. Very easy to enjoy, particularly with a meaty pasta or plate of cheese. 


      Region: TUSCANY

      Style: FULL BODIED RED

      Grape: SANGIOVESE

      Vintage: 2014

      Main characteristic: SOFT CHERRY & LENGTH

      A rather lovely Brunello from an early drinking vintage. 2014 Brunello is spot-on, with the right amount of sweet fruit to flesh the wine out and carry those lovely leathery tannins. We first tasted from this house 2 years ago and love what they do! Just the right combination of power and refinement; not too heavy, but tasty enough to do it's job very well. 
      BARBARESCO 2016

      Region: PIEDMONT


      Grape: NEBBIOLO

      Vintage: 2016

      Main characteristic: PRETTY & INVITING

      Barbaresco is Barolo's prettier sister, and this is a benchmark example from the world's finest co-operative. The cracking 2016 vintage has produced a wine of sheer class and refinement, giving rose petal and raspberry with just a touch of licorice and mint. Everything has aligned to produce a Nebbiolo lover's dream. Buy a truck load!