Western (veggie) feast

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Trofie with green beans, potato & pesto Genovese for 2


Parmigiana di melanzane for 2


Lettuce with mum’s lemon dressing


Torta Caprese with Limoncello cream for 2

This menu roves down the West coast of Italy – from Liguria, where the much-loved (and rarely correctly executed) basil pesto comes from, to Naples (for aubergine parmigiana) and I guess Sperlonga (where my mum has dressed lettuce leaves with panache since she fell into the vat of dressing there, as a baby), and finally Capri, where the rich and famous frolic on a rocky isle like billy-goats.


The timing of this feast is easy. The detailed recipes are here, but in essence:

  • The trofie will take 10 minutes to cook – have a pot of well-salted water on the boil before you sit down
  • The Parmigiana will take about 40 minutes to cook, and can then rest. Put it in 40 minutes before you plan to start eating the trofie. When the trofie are done, turn off the oven – leave the parmigiana in the turned-off oven (if you want to serve it hot), or take it out (if you want to serve it room temperature.
  • The salad can be served with or after the parmigiana – dress it moments before you eat it
  • The torta caprese should be served room temperature (store it out of the fridge, or take it out before you sit down), and the limoncello cream fridge-cold. Pop them on a plate together, when you are ready to eat them.

ENJOY – I like to drink wine from where the food came from – so would, if I though I’d be able to get through 2 bottles, have a pigato or vermentino from Liguria with the trofie, and maybe a junior Campanian aglianico with the parmigiana.