BBQ feast

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BBQ Panzanella for 2


Tagliata for 2


Torta Caprese with limoncello cream for 2

There are many reasons to love the summer, but best of all has to be the BBQ. It is simply the best way of cooking, and of being. Here is a Tuscan (ish) salad and a Tuscan (ish) steak – and we’re proposing a simple cake for dessert, so you don’t have to mess around inside one jot


The timing of this feast is easy. The detailed recipes are here, but in essence:

  • You can serve the Panzanella before or alongside the steak. However I recommend you grill the vegetables while there are still a few flames on the coals – when too hot for the meat, to quickly blister the veggies without overcooking them
  • The timing of the steak depends on how you want it done – but in any event, it doesn’t take so long, and everyone knows: at a BBQ you eat when the food is ready
  • The torta caprese should be served room temperature (store it out of the fridge, or take it out before you sit down), and the limoncello cream fridge-cold. Pop them on a plate together, when you are ready to eat them.

Enjoy! I would stick to Tuscany for the wines here, but its up to you