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Buffalo mozzarella & tomatoes
Fettucine ai funghi*
Roman lettuce & lemon dressing
Burnt ricotta pie


I am not Italian, and thus not tied to any particular region – but if I were, it would be Lazio. For three generations, my family have had a house in Sperlonga, once an obscure fishing village, now a popular summer resort, located on the Lazio coastline, near equidistant between Rome and Naples. Here we feast on the bounty of both Lazio and Campania. Mozzarella from the South & wild mushrooms from the hills that surround Rome.   

*this is a wild seasonal product so availability of a particular type of mushroom is not guaranteed.

For your meal you will need:

A large pan for boiling, and a large pan for sautéing

A colander

Not strictly necessary, but a pair of tongs are near invaluable when cooking pasta

The detailed recipes for the dishes are here, but in essence:

  • Allow both mozzarella and tomatoes to come to room temperature, then eat
  • Once eaten, saute your mushrooms, and cook your pasta. Mix the two together, and pig out on ‘little piglets’
  • Dress your salad, either before eating the pasta or immediately after
  • Let your pie also come to room temperature, and feast


ALLERGENS: all packs are prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of ANY allergen. All packs of this dish contain dairy, gluten, alliums, eggs, celery, and nuts.