DACAPIRAC (serves 2)

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Our take on a Sazerac, this is Bulleit Rye blended with Amaro Del Capo, a Calabrese amaro whose delicious blend of botanicals echoes the bitters in a Sazerac, and liquorice that plays the role of Absinthe. We have already stirred this over ice, so all you need to do is pre-chill it, and serve it either in a rocks or martini glass neat (ideally, pre-chill the glass), or on the rocks, in either case with a twist of lemon.

  1. Pre-chill the bottle of Dacapirac thoroughly
  2. If serving neat, pre-chill 2 tumblers or martini glasses
  3. Pour the chilled Dacapirac into the pre-chilled glasses, or over ice cubes in a tumbler if you prefer
  4. Garnish with a twist of lemon – for this cocktail it is best to cut a broad, thickish sheet of lemon zest (with a potato peeler or sharp paring knife), and squeeze it generously over the cocktail to release the oils from the skin.