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Region: Bocca Di Lupo (Tuscany)

Serves 2

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Very easy to cook 

Takes 10 minutes

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Vesuvius tomatoes, courgettes from the fertile Pontine planes south of Rome, red Tropea onions, fleshy red-and-green (almost black peppers), Ligurian basil and homemade bread are dressed in Tuscan oil (from La Bandiera), Pantelleria capers and red wine vinegar.

As a twist, some of the ingredients are grilled: peppers by us, courgettes and onions by you (you can use a BBQ or griddled pan - or pop them under the grill), for a smokey complexity to a classic summer salad.

This is awesome as an antipasto, as a light lunch, or as an accompaniment to fresh cheeses or grilled fish & poultry. Light, healthy, punchy, zingy and above all, fresh.