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Region: Calabria

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Easy to cook (pan-fry, grill or BBQ - or braise in tomato sauce)

Takes 12-15 minutes to grill or pan-fry (2 hours to braise in tomato)

Click here for recipe & video

We make our sausages by hand using prime British pork and natural hog casings. The knack is in the seasoning - these ones are aromatic with fennel and properly spicy, and just the right amount of salt. The other knack is in the hands - the meat is kneaded forcefully for a good 20 minutes (physical work - a person can make about their own bodyweight in a day), in order to bind an make a magical texture between mince, and a thing of its own. This is not the thinking man's sausage, but the eating man's sausage - peasant food to fight off hunger for a day.

Eat it with a simple red wine - Ciro from Calabria, or Montepulciano from Abruzzo, or Nero Buono from Lazio, or....