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This menu features some of our very favourite dishes– spaghetti vongole, tagliata & cannoli have rarely left the restaurant menu since our inception so many years ago. This is a superlative choice; a regional tour from Emilia-Romagna, through Tuscany, and down to Sicily - exactly what we have always strived for in the restaurant, and now available in your home – here, with the luxurious addition of grilled octopus, its rich saline succulence marrying wonderfully with earthy beef, and heady truffles.




For your meal you will need:

  • A large pan for boiling water for the pasta
  • A frying pan or wide saucepan for the sauce
  • A bbq, griddle pan, or heavy cast iron pan for the beef & octopus
  • An oven tray for the pumpkins
  • A truffle slicer, mandolin or grater for the truffles

The detailed recipes for the dishes are here, but in essence:

  • Bring the steak & tomatoes to room temperature
  • Preheat your oven to 200C (fan) or 220C (static)
  • Bring a large pan of water to the boil, and add the pasta
  • While the pasta cooks, cook the clams
  • Add pasta to clams and finish cooking, then dish up & dig in
  • Grill the steak then let rest
  • While the steak rests, grill the octopus
  • Bake the pumpkin for 6-7 minutes
  • Slice the steak & dress with rocket & parmesan, and nestle the octopus alongside, then shower the lot with copious truffle
  • Dress the pumpkin with parmesan & balsamic, then eat with steak & octo
  • Stuff, dip & scoff the cannoli





    Spaghetti Vongole

    Ingredients (allergens): Spaghetti (durum wheat flour), Clams, chilli flakes, garlic, parsley, extra-virgin olive oil

    Tagliata with rocket & parmesan

    Ingredients (allergens): UK ex-dairy cow sirloin, rocket, parmesan (cow’s milk, salt, rennet), rosemary, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (grape must, wine vinegar, sulphites)


    Ingredients (allergens): pumpkin, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (grape must, wine vinegar, sulphites), butter, parmesan (cow’s milk, salt, rennet), sage, salt, pepper


    Cannoli Ingredients (allergens): flour, butter, caster sugar, marsala (alcohol sulphites), egg, rapeseed oil

    Cannoli Filling Ingredients (allergens): sheep ricotta (sheep’s milk, salt, rennet), cow ricotta (cow’s milk, salt, rennet), caster sugar, candied orange, Chocolate, Pistachio


    Ingredients (allergens): Octopus


    Ingredients (allergens): Truffle


    Who made my food? - Your food was made by Jake and his team of chefs, working under Jacob Kenedy 

    Was all the food made in Italy? - No, your food was prepared in the kitchen of Bocca Di Lupo, Soho (London). The ingredients used were produce from regional markets in Italy, or best of British.

    Who chose the wine? - Your wines are from a carefully curated wine list, which is managed by Jacob Kenedy and sommeliers Phill Morgan and Michael Perucci.

    What is your return policy? - We cannot accept returns of food. Please email if you have any problem - especially if a wine is corked (we can accept returns of corked wine for refund or exchange).

    Where's my stuff? - If you're in inner London, your order will be with you between 1pm & 7pm on the day of dispatch. Outside inner London, your order is sent overnight with Parcel Force, and they will deliver on your chosen day. If you have a problem please email

    Why didn't the recipe work? - We are very very small and learning what we do. Every recipe is tested and written by Jacob Kenedy - if it didn't work either he made a mistake writing the recipe, or you did in following it. In any event contact us if this happens and we'll endeavour to make it right.

    How do I store my food? - Store it in its original packaging. Dried pasta can be stored at room temperature, everything else should be kept in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

    How long can I store my food? - All recipes are dispatched to be consumed on the received day and the day after, please keep it at the appropriate temperature (see above). 

    How long can I store my wine? - All our wines are dispatched mature enough to drink (and be delicious). Some whites and some reds also have ageing potential - email if you would like to ask about buying wines to lay down.

    What about our packaging? - We have worked hard to make our packaging as friendly and sustainable as possible. 95% of it is recyclable or compostable. Our outer box is recycled (and recyclable) cardboard, our insulation material is made of wool, and so is compostable, or re-usable. The pouches which we send our food in look like plastic, but they're an eco plastic material which is also compostable. Even the tape we use to seal our boxes is paper, not plastic. 

    How come the food and wine is so good? - We source and cook with a great deal of love and passion. We don't always get it right - but we really really enjoy ourselves when we do.

    How do we handle allergies? - Whilst we have strict food safety measures & procedures in place, and take great care when preparing orders for our customers, we are, as a small business, unable to guarantee that there will be no traces of an allergen in your order. Any request to change a recipe to avoid an allergen that would cause severe reaction or illness will be declined in order to eliminate any risk.

    Can I cancel my order? - If you need to cancel your order you must let us know 3 working days prior to your delivery date (excludes Saturday & Sunday). Any cancellations made prior to 3 working days will receive a full refund.

    Where do you deliver to? – We deliver nationwide apart from places where next day delivery cannot be guaranteed. This is because our delicious food is fresh and must be kept at a refrigerated temperature throughout its journey to your doorstep. Our eco-friendly thermal packaging will keep it at the correct temperature for 24 hours, getting it to you nice and chilled. This is every area in red on the map below (Zone One), Mainland UK excluding some of the Scottish Highlands.

    I'm having trouble ordering! - We will sometimes restrict items to certain areas or certain dates, and not all of the items on our site are available for delivery everywhere. We try to make it clear when we do this, but if you're trying to order and receive an error message at the checkout, please get in touch and we can help, or at least explain.

    We deliver across mainland UK, excluding some areas of Scotland.

    In inner London we deliver every day except Sunday. Inner London postcodes start with E, EC, W, WC, N, NW, SW, or SE. We aim to deliver between 2 and 7:30pm on your chosen day. 

    For UK delivery (postcodes not listed above), choose your delivery day when you order. Delivery is by Parcel Force.  We cannot guarantee a time of delivery, but it will be with you during the day (8am-8pm). Please make sure to provide us with a mobile number for the recipient when you check-out, as Parcel Force may need it to get in touch. We cannot deliver to non-mainland UK addresses, and addresses in the Scottish highlands I'm afraid as fast delivery is not possible. 

    We do all we can with love to have your meals and wine reach you in perfect condition. We put our trust in the best providers we can find to have your order delivered without issues, but we are realistic enough to know that things sometimes (very rarely, but sometimes) go wrong. Our delivery is somewhat out of our control, but when issues arise, we will do everything we can to make them right.

    We will sometimes restrict items to certain areas or certain dates, and not all of the items on our site are available for delivery everywhere. We try to make it clear when we do this, but if you're trying to order and receive an error message at the checkout, please get in touch and we can help, or at least explain.


    Despite the buzzy feel and glamorous surroundings, we are a family business, a small and humble trattoria at heart. We specialise in the obscure and the delicious highlights of food and wine from all across Italy's twenty regions.


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