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If there's a cocktail that's taken the world by storm in recent years, it's the Negroni. The world is behind the times - you and I have known, since we learned what good meant, that if there was one cocktail to start the evening off well or finish it off definitively, it's the Negroni.

This is our classic, which we have named the Night Negroni (as we have one a tad more suited for daytime drinking), made with all Italian ingredients (1/3 each of bitters, sweet vermouth, and gin) and garnished simply with a slice of orange. We'll send over 200ml of the deliciously wicked concoction which serves 2, plus an orange, which you can slice, or make one of those fancy curls of zest if you're the type. Chill it well before serving, and serve on the rocks or not. We'll leave that bit up to you.