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The Negroni has recently resumed its rightful throne, as King of the cocktails. Our night negroni is the classic – red vermouth, a bitter, and gin in equal parts – we call it a night negroni because we cant imagine it for breakfast. We have already stirred it over ice for you – all you need to do is chill it, pour on the rocks, and enjoy

For 2:
1. Pre-chill the bottle of Night Negroni thoroughly
2. Pour the chilled Night Negroni over copious ice cubes in a tumbler
3. Garnish with a slice of orange

For the Night Negroni Kit, we'll send over a bottle (70cl) of gin, and a litre each of bitters and vermouth. You will have more bitters and vermouth than you need. This will necessitate the purchase of more gin, of course. But then you will have leftover gin, and need to buy more bitters and vermouth. What a palaver!

You don't need any fancy cocktail kit to make this, just a spoon. Mix 25ml of each with ice and stir until the volume has doubled. Top up with more ice and garnish with a slice of orange. What could be simpler. The kit will make 28 Negroni.