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Region: Campania

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Your pack makes 1 babà, which serves 2 (or less!)

No cooking required 

Takes 1 minutes

Click here for recipe

Where to get the best French dessert? Naples, obvs! The French have left Naples a splendid culinary legacy, of which the best bit to my mind is the babà. The Neapolitans make it a great deal better than the French ever did. It is a lighter, springier affair, like a natural bath sponge made of the finest yeast dough.

I make mine even lighter than most Neapolitans, and rather than soak it in rum syrup, soak it in a delicate – and not oversweet – citrus syrup. But – I hear you cry – where’s the rum? Well it might be absent from the syrup, but mine is boozier than most – I pour a whole glass of rum over individual babà, just before serving (only for larger ones, where it takes time for the liquid to penetrate, do I bathe them a long time in the booze). I serve it always with whipped cream, and seasonal fruit – pineapple, with its bright, fresh crunch, is a favourite.