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(serve 2)
Octopus, roast tomato, chickpea, celery & basil salad
Fregola (toasted pasta balls) with gurnard, clams & mussels
Pardulas with mirto cream



For your meal you will need:

A bowl for dressing the octopus
A large saucepan with a suitable lid (or tinfoil) for the gurnard
A deep sided frying pan, or shallow saucepan, for the fregola
A tray for warming the pardulas

The detailed recipes for the dishes are here, but in essence: 

  • Let the salad ingredients come to room temperature, then dress and eat
  • Decant the sauce into the pan for the gurnard, sit the fish atop, cover and cook, adding the shellfish for the last few minutes
  • Meanwhile, finish cooking the fregola with a little water
  • When both fish and fregola are ready, stir a little of the sauce through the fregola, then sit the fish atop and feast
  • Let the pardulas come to room temperature also, then warm briefly in a low oven. Pop onto plates and spoon the cream onto the side, and enjoy