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Region: SICILY



Vintage: 2011

Main characteristic: EARTHY & MEMORABLY GOOD

So, this is a red from Mt.Etna, but not an Etna Rosso. The grape used isn't allowed as a single varietal wine in the appellation, so this is labelled a 'Sicilia Rosso'. As the 'ugly duckling' of the area though, this is a stunning wine. A wine that when we tasted it, expletives abounded. And good ones. This is deep and earthy, feels so young and sprightly at 9 years old, and is a real delight. We love it, and for once, it really doesn't matter too much what you match it with, you will love it too. Mineral and smokey (that's volcanoes for you!), deep fruit without weight, and a seriously long finish for a wine at this price.