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Region: Campania

Serves 2

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Easy to cook 

Takes 10 minutes

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Spaghetti alle vongole! What heaven. If ever there was a dish so worthy of the smiles even its mention brings, this is it.

And if ever there was a dish so often a disappointment. As with all simple things, the errors of the cook are transparent in the dish – but particularly here, where overcooked clams, or poor seasoning, or insufficient oil, or overcooked (or undercooked) pasta, will dash the hopes and dreams you had when ordering it.

Whilst I’m at it, note to reader: the clams should be still in their shells, in the pasta – taking them out means (a) a longer interval between when they were perfectly cooked, and when they were served and (b) less fun for the eater, who should be licking their fingers throughout.

Fear not – getting it right is at least as easy as getting it wrong, and once you know how, you’ll marvel that others ever get it wrong.

My trick is (a) lots of oil – half in the cooking and half at the end (b) clams, garlic and oil go in to a hot dry pan all at the same time and (c) no wine. Oh, and (d): really, really good clams and really, really good spaghetti.

ENJOY! This is heaven on a plate, and doesn’t need anything! Best with a simple white, like a trebbiano, falanghina or greco.