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Region: Piedmont

Serves 2

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Very easy to cook 

Takes 6 minutes

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Golly, if there has to be one sauce to crown them all, it must be butter and sage! So simple, refined and elegant. In reality, just a fragrant puddle to mop up with that esteemed sponge: parmesan.

Butter and sage, burro e salvia, comes into its own with very plain, delicate pasta - pics, or gnocchi, or spinach and ricotta ravioli - or indeed the same without the pasta, infamous malfatti: simple dumplings of sheep's milk ricotta and Italian spinach, bounty with a minimum egg and flour. 

che palle!

This is a delicate dish – best served with the finest of red wines (pinot nero, schioppettino or a delicate Barbaresco – or if you prefer, a complex and perhaps slightly nutty white.