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 (available from June 14th)

Originally a way to use leftover bread, Panzanella is now a nationwide staple in Italy – at its most simple just softened bread and ripe tomatoes, or as here more complex with capers, onions, garlic, wine vinegar, basil and oil. This is a taste of Italy, and a taste of summer– burstingly ripe tomatoes from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, sun drenched onions from Tropea in Calabria, wild rocket and Italian basil. And a bit of stale bread from Soho. Enjoy!

Your pack makes one large salad and contains:

  • Sliced bread & a clove of garlic
  • Some rocket & basil
  • Some cuore del vesuvio tomatoes, tropea onions & italian cucumber
  • a dressing of wine vinegar and fine olive oil, blended with datterini tomatoes, basil & garlic, and pantelleria capers


  • Grill (or toast) your bread until crisp and golden, then rub with the garlic
  • Chop the tomatoes in rough chunks and season well with salt
  • Finely slice the onion, and coarsely slice the cucumber, and add these to the tomatoes
  • Add the rocket and basil also
  • Tear the bread into rough chunks, then pour half the dressing on the bread, and half on the salad
  • Mix the bread well with the dressing, then add this to the salad, and mix well