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Region: Emiia-Romagna (Bologna)

Serves 2

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

Very easy to cook

Takes 5 minutes

Click for recipe & video

Jacob wrote the recipe, though it was written a thousand thousand times before, by generations of housewives in every household in and around Bologna.

Harry made the ragù - he roast whole joints of beef, veal and pork, hand diced them then slowly braised in guanciale, soffrito, some white wine a lot of milk and a little tomato.

Georgeta made the pasta: she kneaded by hand Italian eggs and extra Italian egg yolks, with 00 flour and a lot of love. She rolled the pasta out the day before you ate it, and cut it by hand into golden ribbons.

You made the dish, and ate it. It probably felt comforting, rich, indulgent, homely and sophisticated. At very least, it forged a connection between today in London, and forever in Bologna.