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(serves 2)

Baked scallops with parmesan, lemon & thyme

Risotto nero, with cuttlefish & gremolata

Castelfranco & tardivo salad



The Veneto is a large region, much of which is not coastal, but Venice is, of course, the jewel in the crown. The Venetian lagoon harbours all kinds of sea creatures; from majestic bass & turbot to the rather unpleasant looking – a lagoon goby that is nevertheless transformed into a risotto that is the delicacy of Burano (not including lace, of course). Here we have scallops baked with parmesan crumbs, and risotto stained black with the ink of the cuttlefish it is cooked with. These are foods that have been treasured here for centuries, finished with a dessert that has existed for just a few decades, yet conquered the world.

For your meal you will need:

A tray for baking the scallops

A wide saucepan or deep frying pan for the risotto

A bowl for dressing the salad

The detailed recipes for the dishes are here, but in essence:

  • Pop the scallops on a baking tray, dot with butter & crumbs, and slip into a hot oven for 5-6 minutes, then eat
  • Warm the cuttlefish stew, then add the rice, and cook the two together until delicious, then sprinkle with gremolata
  • Dress the bitter leaves with sweet vinegar and oil
  • Decide you’re too full for dessert, then change your mind and scoff the tiramisu


ALLERGENS: all packs are prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of ANY allergen. All packs of this dish contain dairy, gluten, alliums, eggs, celery, and nuts.