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Region: Sicily

Serves 2

Shelf life 2 days from delivery (keep refrigerated)

No cooking required

Takes 5 minutes

Click here for recipe & video

Watermelon: better than water. As unobtanium is to metals, so watermelon (anguria, cocomero) is to fluids. The antidote to sunstroke and tanned-lean-body-envy, its ice cold, sweet, crispy succulence is best appreciated with a counterpoint of something tangy (in our case, raw Tropea onion), aromatic (in our case, fresh oregano), and salty (in our case… salt).

You will need:

A plate

A (sharp) knife

A little salt

Your pack serves 2 as a starter, or 1 as a main, and contains:

Sicilian watermelon

Tropea onion

Fresh oregano

La Bandiera Tuscan olive oil